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Established in Zambia in 2000, CUTS International, Lusaka has been functioning as a centre for action (policy) research, advocacy and networking on issues of trade and development, competition policy, investment regulation and consumer protection. CUTS has distinguished itself through its stress on consumer – producer synergies for sustainable increase in consumer welfare, given that the ordinary consumer is not just a functional unit but human being whose welfare and growth depends significantly on his/her association with economic production and the income generating opportunities arising from such association. Its role is to promote pro-poor policy and practical changes as well as promote regional integration and engage in long-term capacity building of diverse stakeholders to address developmental challenges in Zambia and in the Southen Africa region.

The Civil Society for Poverty Reduction (CSPR) is an anti-poverty civil society network that has been building the voice for the poor in the fight against poverty. It was established in 2000, primarily to ensure that civil society effectively and meaningfully participates in the design, formulation and implementation of the National Development Plans and further monitor the National Development Plans to ensure government provides a means by which Zambia can effectively strategize on reducing the escalating levels of poverty. Since 2000, and in response to an invitation from the Government of Republic of Zambia,

CARITAS Zambia is a Catholic Organization that is an integral structure of the Zambia Episcopal Conference (ZEC). The Episcopal Conference (or Bishops Conference) is a permanent grouping of Bishops of a given nation or territory that jointly exercises certain pastoral functions on behalf of the Christian faithful of their territory. This they do to promote the greater good which the Church offers humankind, especially through forms and programmes of the apostolate which are fittingly adapted to the circumstances of the time and place.

EAZ is a non-partisan body whose membership includes experts in the areas of economics, business administration and allied fields.

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